Last Class

We held our last class this past Saturday. I’d have to admit it was a bittersweet few hours. We shared our projects and prototypes with each other but it was all tinged with a sad sense of goodbye. Brandon burst out in the first few minutes “No, it’s not gonna end!” and we kidded that we had a truckload of tissue boxes available for the day…

Presentations at last class

Each team demonstrated their project either by showing a functioning prototype or by showing photos and video of the off-site installation.

Kevin and Brandon led off with their prototype showing wheelchair actuated switches (above) that would turn on and off Brandon’s lamp in his room. The electronics were functioning sporadically but Brandon with his over the top sensibilities later explained his full vision to eventually trigger head banging rock music with a light show and pyrotechnics and girls appearing in bikinis somehow … For now we will all be happy if the lamp turns on consistently … but they expect to continue development of their project. So more to follow…

Next Chiaying showed images and a video of her project installed at Marsha’s apartment. Their project has been in operation for the last 3 weeks. Marsha got out her acrylics and had customized her switches as well as helping with the overall concept development.

Chiaying fabricated her own switches

During the project Chiaying had noticed how much Marsha tended to customize and personalize her own belongings like the arm braces shown below –

Chiaying worked with Marsha to engage these instincts toward customizing to make the switches personalized. See photo below.

Personalized switch installed

The Arduino and a solid state relay were packaged in a plywood box with a plexi cover so Marsha could see the electronics.

Christine and Mitchell presented next. Their project also actuated a bedroom light for Mitchell except it is triggered by a Ping Sensor.

Mitchell actuates the Ping sensor

Then Michael and Joe presented their project. This was a knee actuated switch with an adjustable camera mount (built by moi) that allows Michael to take photos while driving his wheelchair.

And finally Ben and Glenda showed their project, a wheelchair accessory for signaling in traffic when her wheelchair is turning. While the electronics are completed they still have to assemble everything into the bright orange package that Glenda produced with her sewing skills.

At the end of class there was a bit of a food fest while each participant was separately interviewed regarding their experience and it’s impact. Marsha also decided to make a splash by surprising us all with her many obscure talents!

Glenda at her final interview

Surprise! Brandon has a few things to say...

By the close of the class each participant had also made a blog entry which will be posted soon and everyone looks forward to somehow continuing this project in the future…

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