Mitchell: my experience

My experience changed a lot throughout this project. I went from just trying to learn about electronics, a new medium for me, to eventually applying different ways of using electronics to make things easier for me in my apartment.

Along the way my project had a lot of twists and turns, but it allowed me to learn 3 different methods for solving the same problem. At first, Christine and I thought we would use the floor mat-switch method, but since I had a problem with flooding in my apartment we abandoned that idea.

Then, we were going to use servos to flick the light switch, but the PIR sensor (passive infrared/motion sensor) turned out to be a little too fussy and unreliable. So in the end we used PING sensors to measure the distance to my hands and then to trigger the light switch.

This final approach made the most sense in my new apartment. Even though it may not be the simplest solution, I did learn a lot, about electronics, other people, and myself too.

We had quite a few difficulties and challenges along the way: I moved from one apartment to another and so my environment changed during the project. I also think that some of the electronics could be made better for people with big hands since it is difficult for me.

My feelings about the class: I learned that each person is different and has their own way to solving problems, and each is unique and funny. Each one of us has our own way of bringing humor to the program too so it was never boring. I learned that I was a person that needed to learn more and to open my mind.

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