In an Exhibition!

Mitchell Wright checking out the Exhibit

We just exhibited the project at the Philadelphia Center for Architecture! The show is called “Green, Urban and Glocal” (A wordplay on local and global). The show features work from local architecture programs but because the University of the Arts has such a strong focus on “Green, Urban, & Glocal” we were invited into the show (even though we don’t have an architecture program). We put  up 3 posters showing large process photos from this project.

A few key quotes from the posters:

“This project is not about designing particular solutions to individual problems, but rather is about developing a system that empowers individuals with disabilities to solve their own issues.”

“This exhibit shares highlights from our process – unexpected moments where boundaries were dissolved. These are the real “final results,” the impactful ones, the ones that grow the seeds for a sustainable society that considers the needs of all.”

We also put up several other projects in the exhibit. Grad students showed their recent projects where they worked with the Department of Nursing Home Transition at Liberty Resources. The Juniors showed their recent “Benson Park” project where students engaged local residents in Kensington in a design process to strengthen their community by activating their neighborhood park.


For those that missed it, the exhibition continues thru March 2.

Exhibition: February 6 – March 2

Opening Reception: February 9, 5:30–7:30 p.m. 
Philadelphia Center for Architecture 
1218 Arch St, Philadelphia

3 thoughts on “In an Exhibition!

  1. Hi ,

    I am a computer engineer and i am developing some small arduino proyects. I would like to collaborate in any of these proyects. My mail is fer00000 at yahoo dot es

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Fernando,

      Thank you for your interest in this project! We welcome additional participants.

      We hope to expand the project and launch a second phase this summer. We are thinking of involving High School students too. Perhaps you can be involved in that. I will contact you via yahoo to continue that discussion.

      Michael McAllister

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