What is a Disability Anyway?

I’m preparing to write a paper on this project and have been looking back over some of the research we collected and found a gem that I absolutely must share. During the last class we asked the UArts students to take some time to reflect on their experiences in this project and jot down a few thoughts. We gave them open ended prompts such as:

  • what did you learn from this experience
  • what were the difficulties and challenges
  • were there any surprises
  • what did you learn from your partner
  • what did you learn about yourself
  • what tools could be designed to support this project

One of the most insightful comments was written by Kevin Greenland who had worked with the ever ebullient Branden:

If it is attitude that enables or disables (and not the condition of some body part), then how many of us are disabled at times with a rotten attitude? And then by extension – how many of us disable each other with bad attitudes we project on each other, limiting who we each are and what is possible for each of us?

Thanks Kevin for this stimulating insight!

Branden and Kevin in one of their finer moments.

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