My name is Michael McAllister and I’m an Associate Professor of Industrial Design at the University of the Arts and a Senior Fellow at the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy. The Corzo fellowship supports me in:

1. engaging in basic research in design and the creative economy, as well as

2. connecting students with outside communities in the application of creative insights outside traditional academic settings.

My undergraduate degree is in Physics and my graduate degree is in Industrial Design. After many years working in industry I now teach at the UArts in Philadelphia and engage in speculative design research which typically could not be supported in industry. My particular interest is to use design to serve the under-served. Having spent many years designing expensive furniture for people that didn’t need new furniture I am now focusing my efforts toward addressing real needs. I am particularly interested in questions regarding the appropriate use of technology in addressing daily issues for people with disabilities. I intend to expand these projects into issues concerning the elderly. My methods are participatory and collaborative. In the process of my research I hope to educate some of our next generation of designers and give them a good start in a user centered design approach.

On-going thanks goes to the Corzo Center for their support and to the ParLab (Philadelphia Applied Research Lab) grant that funded this particular project.

Here I will introduce the students and participants in this project:

(back soon with portrait photos and details)

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