Branden Signing-Off

The Arduino for disabilities class at Liberty Resources has been a very motivating experience.  Getting to know everyone from Uarts and learning about the Arduino was very eye opening for me.  It is all about seeing the simple and realizing the possibilities you have to do bigger things.  I now realize that by learning how to do these simple things, I can increase my independence.  I never feel like you should ever stop learning because without knowledge you become complacent.  The knowledge that everyone from Uarts brought to the class is something that I really appreciate.  When you have great minds plus good resources and people, these ingredients can culminate to make something great.  If you have great people with great knowledge you can do a lot to help people.  Everyone I met from Uarts is geared to help.  And, just because the project is over doesn’t mean the friendships have to end. To make a long story short, It has been one big fun ride of knowledge and technology.

– Branden Franks


Branden and Kevin

Mind Meld

Branden is a Leo. I am a Pisces. But despite our differences, we have managed to learn the basics of electronics and circuit building, familiarize ourselves with the Arduino microcontroller, grapple with the basics of computer programming, and even become friends. Working with electronics and the Arduinio has presented some challenges; finding the dexterity to build tiny circuits and conceptualizing the breadboard being the most difficult. In the end, the occasional frustrations we have experienced while using the Arduino always seem to disappear with the excitement of getting it to work. Throughout the last few weeks Branden has “seen the simple” and now “wants to go big!” He is full of ideas about how he might use the Arduino to make his life simpler, more comfortable, or just plain cooler.